Multi-Millionaire Baseball Star Alex Rodriguez’s Net Worth

Alex Rodriguez, an American born former baseball player played professionally for 24 years for the MLB teams Seattle Mariners, Texas Rangers, and New York Yankees.

Throughout his career, the 14-time All-Star singed richest contracts: a 10-year deal $252 million with the Rangers and another 10-year $275 million contract with the Yankees, which became the light to his massive multi-million dollars fortune.

As of 2022, Alex Rodriguez owns the net worth of around $350 million, the major income source of such worth goes to his lucrative MLB deals that earned him $33 per year during his career height.

Rodriguez, the 1993 MLB Draft of the Mariners recorded himself the youngest player ever to hit 500 home runs by August 4, 2007, which followed the hit of 600 home runs by the youngest player on August 4, 2010.

Biogenesis Baseball Scandal, Retirement & Career Update

Back in 2013, Alex Rodriguez was charged with the use of Performance-Enhancing Drugs (PED), famous as the Biogenesis baseball scandal. 

It later sentenced him 162-game suspension at the end of 2014 season for use of PED but returned to MLB in 2016. Later, in January 2017, Alex’s spokesperson announced that the 2-time Gold Glove Award won’t play in the MLB.

Alex Rodriguez, an American former MLB player owns $350 million net worth. After retirement, Rodriguez appeared as a cast member of Shark Tank. Currently, the former baseball player serves as a broadcaster for Fox Sports 1 and a member of the broadcast team of ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball.

Fortune With MLB Career: Income Sources, Contracts & Salary

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Alex Rodriguez has an estimated net worth of $350 million as of December 2022. Apart from MLB career contracts & salary, his other income sources proved to be massive endorsement deals and business ventures.

As reported, the value of Rodriguez’s fortune is the same as of celebrities like Jay-Z and Will Smith, both own $350 million.

Professionally famous as A-Rod, the New York native began his professional career in 1993 as the 1st Overall Selection of the Seattle Mariners’ draft.

After playing 7 years for the Mariners, the Rodriguez singed with the Texas Rangers in 2000, followed by his trade to New York Yankees to acquire Alfonso Soriano and Joaquin Arias in February 2004.

Here Is the List of Alex’s career contracts with MLB teams:

  1. August 1, 1993– Signed $1.3 million worth contract for 3 years with the Mariners ($1 million signing bonus)
  2. February 1, 1997- Inked a 4-year contract extension worth $10.7 million with the Mariners
  3. December 11, 2000–  Penned a 10-year contract with Texas Rangers, deal valued at $252 million (then-richest MLB contract)
  4. December 13, 2007- Singed a 10-year $275 million contract with the New York Yankees

In his career, Alex Rodriguez played 24 MLB seasons, which summed him a total of $450.15 million including salary and bonuses.

Salary Of Alex From MLB Career

From Seattle Mariners:

Year Salary Bonus
1994 $109,000 $333,333 (signing bonus)
1995 $109,000 $333,333
1996 $109,000 $333,333
1997 $1.062 million $50,000 (incentive)
1998 $2.126 million
1999 $3.112 million
2000 $4.362 million

Salary From Texas Rangers:

Year Salary Bonus
2001 $18 million $2 million (signing bonus) & $250,000 (incentive)
2002 $17 million $2 million (signing bonus) & $400,000 (incentive)
2003 $16 million $2 million (signing bonus) & $500,000 (incentive)
2004 (went to Yankees) $2 million (signing bonus)
2005 $2 million (signing bonus)
2011 $3 million (from remaining guaranteed amount) $1 million (signing bonus)
2012 $4 million
2013 $5 million
2014 $5 million
2015 $5 million
2016 $4 million
2017 $4 million
2018 $5 million
2019 $1 million

Salary From New York Yankees:

Year Salary Bonus
2004 $16 million $100,000 (incentive)
2005 $20 million $1.2 million (incentive)
2006 $21 million $100,000 (incentive)
2007 $23 million $1.7 million (incentive)
2008 $27 million $2 million (signing bonus)
2009 $32 million $1 million (signing bonus)
2010 $32 million $1 million (signing bonus)
2011 $31 million $1 million (signing bonus)
2012 $29 million $1 million (signing bonus)
2013 $28 million $1 million (signing bonus)
2014 $2.86 million $3 million (signing bonus)
2015 $21 million
2016 $20 million
2017 $20 million (guaranteed amount from the contract)
2019 $4 million
2020 (to-be-paid from contract guarantee even after retirement) $5 million

For a fact, back in February 2004, after Alex Rodriguez was traded to Yankees from the Rangers, the Texas Rangers promised $67 million payment upon the remaining $112 million, from $252 million contracts signed for 10 years.

Well, his overall career stats read:

  1. Batting average- 0.295
  2. Hits- 3,115
  3. Home runs- 696
  4. Runs batted in- 2,086

Revenue From Endorsements & Business Venture

Meanwhile, Alex Rodriguez doesn’t seem to have any endorsements, following the end of sponsorship after his involvement in the Biogenesis baseball scandal.

Though, during his career height, the now-former MLB player used to earn $1 million per year for endorsing Nike. He reportedly had endorsement deals with Louisville Slugger, Rawlings, PepsiCo, Giorgio Armani, Vita Coco, and Radio Shack.

Sources report that the 2009 World Series Champion Rodriguez made a total of $35 million from commercials and sponsorship. Back in 2012, Alex made $2 million from endorsements while in 2014, pocketed $300,000.

The former MLB player has also appeared in the commercial of Guitar Hero World Tour featuring Tony Hawk, Kobe Bryant, and Michael Phelps.

Meanwhile, the 3-time MVP has over 3.1 million followers on Instagram while Twitter followers are over 1.25 million. Online sources cite that if Alex signs a social media promotional deal, he can earn $6,264 – $10,440 per sponsored post via Instagram.

Business Venture

Apart from endorsements, Rodriguez also earns a huge sum from his ongoing business ventures.Well, the former MLB player is the founder and CEO of A-ROD CORP, which looks over real-estate trades, construction, and automotive dealerships.

In 2018, Alex Rodriguez alongside the Shark Tank star Mark Cuban invested $700,000 in a portable protein powder pod Vade Nutrition.

Moreover, he is also an investor in the eSports team NRG Esports.Formerly, Alex had a Mercedes-Benz dealership in League City, Texas.

Philanthropic Works: Charity & Donations

The former MLB player is also active in charity works and has associations with non-charitable organizations: Keep A Child Alive, Raising Malawi, Soles4Souls, and UNICEF, supported by other celebrities like Jennifer Hudson, Ryan Seacrest, and Mariska Hargitay.

In September 2015, he donated $1 million to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Miami-Dade. 

In addition to that, back in 2003, Alex funded $3.9 million to the University of Miami to renovate its baseball stadium and is a member of the University of Miami’s Board of Trustees.

Did you know? As per report revealed by Boston Globe review, Alex Rodriguez’s A-Rod Family Foundation raised a fund of $403,862 in 2006 but donated only $5,000. Later, the IRS stripped the A-Rod Family Foundation in 2007, after failure to collect proper paper works.

Assets Worth Jaw-Dropping Millions of Dollars: House, Cars, Lifestyle & Private Jet

Currently, Alex Rodriguez lives with his fiance-to-wife Jennifer Lopez in Bronx, New York. Well, the former MLB star owns several properties across the United States and often makes highlights with his real estate trades.

In January 2019, Rodriguez kept his 4,000-sq. ft Manhattan condo in the market for $17.5 million, just after a year of purchase.

Along with Lopez, Alex had bought the 3-bedroom and 4.5 bathroom property 432 Park Avenue in Midtown Manhattan in 2018 for $15 million. Though, the sales report of the property is yet to be out.

Alex and Jennifer’s Manhattan condo for sale for $17.5 million. In addition to that, Rodriguez put his bachelor pad above L.A.’s Sunset Strip for sale, asking $4.8 million in March 2019.

3,700 sq. ft. boasting 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms came in the market in late 2018 for $6.5 million but chopped off $1.25 million later.

It was bought by the former MLB star in 2014 from actress Meryl Streep with a payment of $4.8 million.

Alex Rodriguez’s LA Strip pad chops off $1.5 million in asking price of $6.5 million. However, the report on its sales is yet to be disclosed.

List of other real estates of Rodriguez:

  1. Property in Coral Gables, Florida, spread on 1.46 acre- Bought in June 2013 for $2.69 million
  2. Condo in Upper East Side building, Manhattan (4,597 sq. ft.)- Purchase value of $7.4 million in 2005
  3. An 8,310 sq ft home in Biscayne Bay of Coral Gables, Florida- Bought in December 2004 for $12 million
  4. The sales price of Miami Beach, Florida house (May 2013)- $30 million
  5. Sold Condo on Miami Beach (2014)- $2.575 million

Car Collection & Private Jet

The multi-millionaire personality is used to a lavish lifestyle and owns a collection of luxurious rides. His car collection is estimated to be worth millions of dollars, including:

  1. Porsche 911 Convertible- $133,000
  2. BMW 3 series
  3. Maybach 57 S
  4. Ferrari 599 GTB
  5. Rolls Royce Drophead- Range of $274,976- $339,812
  6. Ferrari 575 Maranello

As reported, in August 2019, his fiance Jennifer Lopez gifted him vintage blue Ford Bronco for his 44th birthday. Just some weeks earlier, Rodriguez had gifted Lopez a red Porsche for her 50th birthday.

Moreover, Alex owns a 16-passenger Gulfstream IV private jet, bought in 2017 for $15.5 million.

List Of Expenses

With such a huge fortune, Alex Rodriguez lives a lavish lifestyle, which takes out huge cash from his account. Moreover, the tax payments call for massive expenses including property and income tax.

Well, Rodriguez’s LA house seeks 0.793% of its assessed value property tax while the New York property grabs 1.925%, accompanied by $1,360 and $1,287 per year for house insurance premiums.

On the other hand, the income tax costs him 37% since his revenue is counts in millions of dollars.

Back in January 2014, for his involvement and use of PEDs, he was suspended for 162 games and forfeited $ 22,131,147.

Alex Rodriguez’s Age, Height, Wife, Divorce, Kids, Fiance, Engagement & Relationship

Alex was born Alexander Emanuel Rodriguez on July 27, 1975, in New York City, New York, the USA. His parents Victor and Lourdes Rodriguez were Dominican immigrants.

The Westminster Christian School attendant, Alex has 3 half-siblings: Joe and Suzy from the mother’s side and Victor M. Rodriguez from the father’s side.

He holds an American nationality and is of mixed ethnicity.

Married Life, Wife, Children & Divorce

Rodriguez was once a married man until he divorced his wife Cynthia Scurtis after 6 years of marriage. Well, the duo had met at a gym in Miami, Florida, and started dating soon after.

Later, on November 2, 2002, he and Scurtis married in a small ceremony in Dallas, followed by a reception in his mansion in Texas.

Even more, the now-former couple welcomed 2 children: Natasha Alexander Rodriguez (born on November 18, 2004) and Ella Alexander Rodriguez (April 19, 2008).

However, nearly after 6 years of marriage, Cynthia filed for divorce on July 7, 2008, citing emotional abandonment and extra-marital affairs with Madonna, an American singer.

Alex requested the court to remove the allegation of affairs, citing their marriage was irretrievably broken.

Later, their divorce was finalized on September 19, 2008, which earned Cynthia- a $12 million mansion as part of the settlement.

Relationship Status: Engagement With Lopez

Currently, the former MLB player is in a relationship with his girlfriend-turned-fiance Jennifer Lopez.The couple began dating in February 2017 and later announced their engagement via Instagram on March 9, 2020.

For a fact, the worth of the engagement ring is estimated to be $1 million.

Well, Alex is set for his second marriage, while Lopez’s marriage failure counts 3 already, former husbands were Marc Anthony, Cris Judd, and Ojani Noa. Though, none of them have disclosed their marriage plans yet.

For a fact, Rodriguez has been in relationships with Kate Hudson (2009), Cameron Diaz (2010-2011), and Anne Wojcicki (2016 – 2017). Moreover, he was rumored to have dated Demi Moore in 2012.

Age & Height

As of December 2022, Alex Rodriguez’s age is 47 and has a height of 6 ft. 3 inches (191 cm).